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Level II - Resilient Authors

Resilient authors are good, tough, refined, and have built an ​

audience through their hard work, dedication, and and commitment to meet and exceed industry standards. They've crafted their work, had it professionally edited, had a professionally designed cover created, and have put in time and effort to develop a presence in the social media world for their fans to enjoy.  In short, many are on the way to becoming breakout stars.  Below, you can find these dedicated and admirable individuals, in alphabetical order:

Kate Delano-Condax Decker ​

A world-renowned equestrian and animal trainer, Kate has served as a consultant to the US Olympic team, and has mentored dozens of top-ranked riders. Prior to arriving at Resilient, Kate penned a best-selling book on animal training, selling over 100,000 copies.

Myron Finkbeiner ​

A native of Nampa, Idaho, Myron served as a sports coach for 25 years, after completing his MS at the University of Oregon. Myron founded the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame, and is the author of two, books including From Harvard to Hagerman, the story a tremendous athlete few have ever heard of, but whose accomplishments demand a seat at the table with history's greats. The book is available in Barnes & Noble's throughout the Northwest.​​

Lynn Hardy ​

​The founder of BAM! Publishing, Lynn is the author of three books, including Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller, Prophecy of the Flame.​​

"I founded BAM! because of my experiences with the publishing industry.  'Tremendous injustice' would be an appropriate description of what motivated me to start my own company.  Authors need to be served, not starved."   

Dr. CW Roskelley ​

As an author, healer, speaker, and survivor, Dr. Roskelley reaches out to those dealing with depression to share with them his insights into healing with wholeness, in Behind the Veil of Depression. Dr. Roskelley is active in local and international humanitarian efforts, as well as in his church.   

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