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How Resilient Publishing Began​

Lynn Hardy, a stay-at-home mother of two, was born and raised in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. She began the journey of an author in 2007 when she self-published her first novel in the “Prophecy of the Flame” series. After a few false starts “Prophecy of the Flame” shot to the top of Amazon and became a #1 Amazon Kindle bestseller in 2010.

In September 2012, Lynn was approached by a small publishing company struggling to stay afloat. In a leap of faith, she acquired the failing company, mired in debt and created Resilient Publishing, which launched in March 2013. The full story of Lynn Hardy's journey can be found in her nonfiction book "Angels Believe in You." 


In 2016, in a five hour session with with God from 11pm to 4am God outlined the book, "Why Doesn't God Speak to Me?" for Mrs. Hardy. Afterword He told her why it must be FREE. The full revelation of this can be found in the afore mentioned book.


The following year, God changed the direction of Resilient Publishing. This company will be what God wants it to be. No more, no less.


All books not connected to God were released from their contracts. New books will be reviewed by pastors with decades of experience. Those who wish to join Resilient can find more information about what they can expect on the submission page. 


Our logo is a gold hammer and chisel. Resilient Publishing holds to the belief that God is the hammer. We must allow Him to mold us, guided by the invisible Holy Spirit to be all that we are destined for in the plan of God. We fully trust that Resilient authors will succeed according to God’s plan when they bring their books to Resilient Publishing.


“Resilient Publishing’s mission,” says Lynn Hardy, “is to return control of our work to God.”




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