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To Heaven and Back Again

by Lynn Hardy

I walked closely with God for many years, hearing his actual voice, experiencing instantaneous healing miracles, and on numerous occasions, receiving help from my guardian angel. This blessed journey led me to believe that Jesus wanted me to visit Him in Heaven, not in a near-death experience, but through mediation. 

“To Heaven and Back Again” includes:

  • the detailed chronicles of my experiences with meditation 

  • with the help of the discipline of meditation, how God gave me detailed instructions which guided me through the preparation for the journey to Heaven

  • how God verified that traveling to Heaven through meditation was His will for me by allowing me to meet my guardian angel on earth before the actual journey to Heaven

This book was published in a less traditional way, according to the instructions I received from God. Each experience with meditation was published as it happened, on my blog and in this book, so that readers will be able to join me on the journey if they wish. God told me that the journey will be complete by the end of 2015. At that time I fully expect to share what happened while I am in Heaven, as well as an interview with Jesus.

To Heaven & Back Again

To Heaven and Back Again

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