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RESILIENT Author Reviewed in Idaho Magazine 


Dave Goins gave a glowing review of Myron Finkbeiner newly released book, Cornerstones of Idaho Sports in Idaho Magazine. He recomends Finkbeiner's book as a necessary addition to sport fans' "must read list."


" was pure intertainment in sports prose form."

                                                     - Dave Goins


Read the full article: CLICK HERE.


Cornerstones of Idaho Sports by Myron Finkbeiner, CLICK HERE

RESILIENT Author is Front Page News!


"Woman Finds Joy Amid Pain Through Service Dog" is the headline for the Courier Post in New Jersey. RESILIENT author Angela Bain is featured, with video comentary describing the journey that has led to the creation of the SmileMakers.


CLICK HERE to find out more about Angela Bain!


RESILIENT Author Becomes #1 Kindle Bestseller


In 2010, Lynn Hardy developed a comprehensive marketing system that brought her book, “Prophecy of the Flame,” to #1 on Amazon Kindle, in six short months.


“Prophecy of the Flame” was released in 2008. It was exciting to reach the top ranking and spend some time there. Despite what you may have heard, you CAN make a living as a new author.” ~Lynn Hardy


In March of 2012, Lynn relisted her book on Amazon (Full story here…) and began the journey up the Amazon ranks once again. The Amazon system has changed. It took six frustrating months to figure out how to tweak the system. After three months, Lynn was making $90; six months, $400; and by the end of 2012, Lynn was making $500–$600 per month. A book can sit at that range for six months to a year and a half before it catches on with readers. When that happens, authors at RESILIENT can make as much as $2,000–$3,000 a month for just two books!


Of course, some books never catch on. Publishers destroy as much as 60% of all books they print. Perhaps, if authors were in charge of their own fate and allowed to continue marketing their books, some of those books would have found their intended readers.

RESILIENT Author Gets on Barnes & Noble’s Bookshelves!


Resurrected from the archives of history, Myron Finkbeiner has reintroduced to the world the stunning feats of Harry Le Moyne — a tremendous athlete few have ever heard of, but whose accomplishments in championship track have garnered him a seat at the table with history’s greats. Barnes & Noble agreed. “From Harvard to Hagerman” was picked up for distribution throughout the Northwest. If the book sells well there, it will go nationwide!

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