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The ​​​​​​​RESILIENT Publishing Process



The Coliseum

If you are a new author, or haven’t yet developed your fan base, The Coliseum will probably be your starting point. (See more…)


We will guide you and help you connect with readers. We show you how to showcase your book to reach the largest possible audience. Your book may be just what they are looking for.


As your book begins to generate sales, many Resilient Publishing authors apply part of their royalties to improving the overall look of their book with a new, professionally designed cover. We, at Resilient Publishing, will work closely with you to develop a cover to catch the attention of readers. We also suggest that you engage a first-rate editor to polish your text. With our editors you retain complete control over your book.


In fact, you, as the author, are in complete control throughout the entire publishing process: you print paperback or hardcover books when you feel you are ready. When your book has been properly copy edited to ensure it has no typographical or grammatical errors, it will be eligible for our nationwide distribution. When your avarage (paid) Amazon rank is under 50,000 for three months and you have the sodial media developed to at least 10,000 Facebook followers, you will be eligible for promotion to Resilient Publishing, where we will invest in your book.



Resilient Publishing​

Do you already have an established social reach? An established fan base? Then you may start at ResilientPublishing. When your book is ready, Resilient Publishing will invest our resources in your book:




Until now, if you submitted your manuscript to a trade (traditional) publishing house you could expect:​















This publisher would decide if your book was something that readers wanted. Traditional publishers have rejected manuscripts from writers whose books subsequently became bestsellers. Among them were Tom Clancy (“Clear and Present Danger”), Christopher Paolini (“Eragon”), J.K. Rowling (“Harry Potter” series), Stephen King, (Carrie) and Zane Grey (“Riders of the Purple Sage”).


“I do not see anything in this to convince me you can write either narrative or fiction,” said Harper’s editor Ripley Hitchcock, rejecting the fourth book submitted by Zane Grey.


This was the beginning of a typical rejection letter if a publisher decided to grace you with anything more than a form letter: “After careful consideration of your book...”


Changing the way publishing works.

Becoming a successful author is much more than simply writing a book. Even authors who were traditionally published before deciding to self-publish often took years to re-establish themselves, sometimes as long as 4–6 years.

We created RESILIENT Publishing to launch your book into the world of readers. RESILIENT ​​Publishing’s Author Centered Program will optimize your efforts as we guide you every step of the way. Publishing with RESILIENT​​ will give your book the best chance for the greatest success.

Our online training forum has more than two-dozen pages of documents. Online marketing changes rapidly. Any self-help book covering this kind of critical work for authors is outdated almost before it is published. That is why the RESILIENT Publishing Group is continually updated. Each page is a detailed guide, covering critically important topics including:

At RESILIENT Publishing our team of experts are available to answer your questions. If you don’t understand a step, ask us.


We will be there to help you.

Join our team at RESILIENT Publishing for as little as $299. This fee includes the following:

Bookstores expect certian marketing avenues to be used before they will put a book on the bookstore shelves. When your book is ready, Resilient Publishing will help you develope a marketing plan that will give you the best chance at getting your books onto shelves across the nation.

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