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Publishing Options

The world of publishing has changed. It used to be binary - you were either published or not. Today it has become a spectrum, with thousands of authors using technology to connect with previously unreachable audiences.  Here are some of your publishing options:

Trade (traditional) Publishers

• Author receives 5–7% of bound books (physical book) sales for the first 10,000 sold — 8–10% of selling price of books thereafter

• Gives only 8–25% of Kindle sales

• Typically gives new authors a $1,000–5,000 advance when a book is signed

• Focuses virtually all marketing on one or two blockbuster books

~ New authors may spend as much as $10,000 of their income on marketing their own book

• Publisher can change the text of your book many times without your approval

• Choice of cover is typically the publisher’s

• Does not guarantee book reviews will be obtained

• Publisher rejects many books they ‘feel’ won’t appeal to readers, some become bestsellers later

• Publisher has the right to remainder your book at will (i.e. tear off covers and shred your books)

• Many traditional publishers won’t sign a second or later book in a series published by a different publisher.

• Can be very difficult to get your rights back

Self-Publishing Companies

• Considered by some to be “vanity publishing”

~ Vanity publishing is often considered to meet only minimal standards

~ Has earned a reputation amongst readers as poorly edited

• Author receives 12–14% of bound book sales at some larger companies

• Gives authors 50% of Kindle sales

• Charges $350 for listing your eBook online

• Book covers are pre-made and non-exclusive

• May be POD (print-on-demand) publishing

~ Most bookstores refuse to place POD books on their shelves

• Charge authors a steep fee of $2,300 or more to designate their book “returnable,” a prerequisite for placement on bookstore shelves.

• Submit books to reviewers but charge a fee $3,200 fee for the service 

~ Books are pigeonholed in a review section designated solely for self-published works and considered to be less prestigious than trade books

• Many provide personal contact liaison: a salesperson, often with minimal experience in publishing

• A contract is not binding: author may cancel at will

RESILIENT Publishing

• Founded by authors for authors

• Authors receive 75% of income from bound book sales

• Authors receive 65% of income from eBook sales

• Authors have complete control over their book covers and content

• Invest, on an escalating scale, in your book as your sales increase

• As your book meets the benchmarks of BAM! Publishing we pay for book tours, publicity blitzes, book reviews, and bookstore negotiations

• Resilient Publishing’s commitment fee is $299

~ Formats your book in ePub (at no additional cost to you – as much as $250 at other companies)

~ Resilient gives all authors 2 ISBNs: one for your ebook and one for your paperback (at no additional cost to you – as much as $50 with other publishers)

• Lists your book on Amazon, NOOK, Kobo, and iBook

~ Internet optimization specialists will list your ebook for more visibility (at no additional cost to you)

• Resilient Publishing authors are members of our interactive online forum where they will receive extensive social media training in publicity and marketing as wells as training in book signings and author-audience interaction

~ It is continually monitored and updated by knowledgeable associates who are there to guide you each step of the way and gives you up-to-the-minute information about publishing

• Gives you access to highly qualified editors and professional graphics designers through direct referrals

• Books are listed as “returnable.” This means bookstores can return all unsold books. Titles must be listed as “Returnable” to be placed on most bookstore shelves.

• When we sign your book it is because we believe your book will make money with Resilient Publishing. We offer a three-year contract. If, at that time, your sales are not at a predefined benchmark, you may request the return of your copyright and all rights will be returned to you.

• When your book reaches #1 on Amazon, Resilient Publishing will feature your book on the homepage of our website and throughout our social media network.

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