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An author empowering publishing company for the digital age.

Here’s what we can do for you: 
















We believe that you should decide what your book cover looks like. With Resilient Publishing you will maintain complete control over the content of your book. We work closely with you to bring out the very best in your work.


Resilient Publishing provides you with names and contact information for highly qualified editors and vetted graphic designers who will work for you at very competitive rates. Of course, you are also free to use experts of your own choosing if you prefer. 



BAM! Brilliant Author Marketing

We give you the inside track on online marketing including access to the Resilient Publishing’s online forum. Only Resilient authors have access to this highly effective forum with more than three-dozen pages of documents that are continually updated and monitored. Each one is a detailed guide and offer the following information:



The Author Centered Program is monitored by Resilient Publishing associates. If you don’t understand a step, ask us. We are available to help you in every way we can. Our goal is the same as yours — great books generating great book sales and maximum marketing exposure.


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