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Publishing a book? BAM! Publishing is a publishing house created by an author, for authors. What is publishing in today's world? Do I need a copyright? How do I remain in control of my copyright? BAM! isn't a "How To Publishing guide."  We give your the best chance of becoming a bestselling author.  How do I get attention at Amazon? How to sell your book on Amazon? Facebook and other social media networking. That is why you should choose BAM!

The World Invades the Church!

Over the years, the way of the world has invaded the world-wide body of Christ, the Church. We have forgotten the principles of our basic commandment from our Lord, Jesus Christ:

"Freely you have received; freely give." (Matthew 10:8 NIV)

I did not leap for joy when God gave me the revelation concerning this. I was a kindle bestselling author with a publishing company helping dozens of authors. Who has ever heard of a publisher who doesn't charge for their books? However, when miracles, signs and wonders began happening surrounding this revelation, eventually my heart was moved and I embraced doing things God's way.

The full revelation concerning publishing God's way is best revealed in the original format. This can be found in the very short (10,000 words) book, "Why Doesn't God Speak to Me?"

If you are called into the five-fold ministry and wish to find out how to publish God's way, the password necessary to access this page is what fills in the blank:

Jesus's new commandment reduced to a four letter word was that we ______ one another.


I have broken down the publishing process in easy to follow steps and, of course, it is free for your use.

May God bless and keep you,


Lynn Hardy

United States

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