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Who is Kate Decker?

What is pet therepy?



Summary of  SPCA ABUSE to Mrs. A.F. Decker




For the past 22 years I have worked pro bono doing pet therapy with my dogs. I worked with Alzheimer’s patients in nursing homes for many years, and currently with kids with Autism, Aspersers syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.


I taught a young girl in a wheelchair to do pet therapy with her Havanese dog; she now goes to three nursing homes and will train other wheelchair bound kids to do pet therapy using the name I gave her, Puppies On Wheels. She has written a book about it that can be seen on line. All this work is and always has been done by me without charge. It is a labor of love for the dogs, and it helps people a lot too.


I have worked with renowned trainers Bashkim Dibra and Fred Hassen. Bash Dibra introduced me to the concept of pet therapy in the 1980s and I have done it ever since.


(To understand the nature of my pro bono work over the past more than two decades, see the 5-minute long DVD showing Muffin, a pit bull Susan Colby and I rescued off the streets of New York City; I trained Muffin to the standards of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizenship and Therapy Dogs International Registered Service Dog, and subsequently worked with pro bono in nursing homes (and on some television talk shows).


I have two women helpers. I have dogs in three separate locations, near each other. Premises are light, well heated and air conditioned. Dogs live indoors but have ample supervised play time in big fenced yards.


My ancestors founded this country (Mayflower). My late husband dedicated his life to protecting it (Omaha Beach, Silver Star).


I am deeply offended by what a handful of insolent, unqualified, thuggish SPCA volunteers, armed with loaded weapons, are able to do with impunity to a citizen who has done absolutely nothing wrong. Their ongoing threats and interference have shattered my life.


The bottom line is the SPCA's threat of forcibly taking my beloved pets and killing them. Two of them have told me, separately, "As soon as we get another anonymous complaint against you, we'll be back. Then we'll take your dogs and euthanize most of them." This is how they terrify people and keep them from protesting. Pet owners are terrified the SPCA will retaliate and target them next. Even some veterinarians seem intimidated by them.


No one apparently oversees the SPCA. They have no oversight and operate with impunity. Their outrageous behavior is not curbed by any responsible body.


They have come onto my property and/or into my home repeatedly, without warning.







Here is a brief summary:


October 12, 2011


"Captain" Jim Apgar (they award themselves military ranks and titles) appeared in my back yard. I found him there looking into all parts of my property when I came home. It was on a Sunday. He was dressed in a police-like uniform. He is middle aged, fat, short, and wears shiny black high lace-up combat boots. He demanded to come into my house. I refused. I asked him to leave. He then climbed on a ladder and peered into my house through the windows near the driveway. He then went up onto my back porch and took photographs of my back yard (surrounded by a 6-foor cedar fence). He would not leave until he did this. He stayed at least 40 minutes. I sent a certified letter the next day saying don't do this again.


Numerous intervening dates (approximately six or eight times) from November 2011 to September 2012:


My neighbors told me of visits in my absence on my property by people dressed like police on my front and back porch when I was not at home. Among the activities reported to me were:


They came onto the property uninvited, prowled around, looked into my trash can and all around my (unfenced part) or my yard. .


 They attempted to look into the garage but were unable to see into it due to a wall and curtains.


They looked into my windows of my house (on the side nearest the driveway) by standing on a ladder.


They hung around for periods of a half hour or more, going from front to back doors repeatedly and looking in the windows.


Two men parked their car up the street behind a bush, one got out, used either binoculars or telephoto lens and was taking pictures of my house, my neighbors reported recently; (their house is positioned so they could see this).


They came far back into my yard, came up onto an elevated porch, and took photographs of my yard behind the six foot privacy fence.



October 12, 2013


A stout young woman in who appeared to be in her late twenties was on my front porch when I came home. She demanded to come into my house. She said she was "SPCA Investigator Mangeri. We have an anonymous complaint against you." I told her there is no justification for any complaint, my pets are pet therapy dogs and extremely well cared for; I have done this work pro bono for 22 years, 17 of it at this address in exactly the same way.  She said:  "You can either be nice about it and let me in now, or we'll be back later and play hard-ball."


She more or less pushed her way in and started prying around my house after glancing at the well cared for dogs. I asked her to leave. She said "I have to take photographs of your house and yard."  I said no, and asked her again to leave, as she had seen there was no cause for "investigating" further.


She then demanded to see vet records for each dog for rabies vaccinations. I left the room and returned with the records. She looked at them, I asked her to leave again, she tried again to take photographs, and she finally went out.


After she left (a few days later in fact) I saw that my watch, (Omega, 1961, solid gold, engraved, a very special gift from my parents on my 16th birthday), was missing. It was on the kitchen table behind a book stand in plain sight (I was wearing it for business meetings, of which there were several and it was convenient to keep it there). No one had been in the house except me in the intervening time.


Friends told me I should report it to the police. Lew Zagnit, who runs an outstanding animal adoption 501(c)3, called the police for me and came here from Pennsylvania to be present when the officer took the report for criminal theft against Ms. Mangeri. The police told me I cannot actually state she stole the watch because I did not see her physically take it nor did she admit having done so.


December 22, 2012


At 8 a.m. a phone call (on Saturday morning) with no warning: "We are the Burlington County (NJ) SPCA Humane Police. Come outside immediately."


I went down, saw seven cars parked across my front drive and many people congregated in my driveway. My door was left unlocked behind me. The short man in his fifties in combat boots threatened me twice " Unlock that door or I'll kick your door in!" I told him twice that the door was already open. He seemed very eager to kick it in with his combat boots, but was prevented by another SPCA person.


I asked what they were doing here. They said they had two search warrants, for my house and for my parents' house. There was no accusation on the warrant they showed me. Just the name of the judge who issued it (Terence Cook) and their names, and some other boilerplate language about 'kennels, medicines, living animals" etc.


These SPCA thugs are unpaid volunteers. They carry loaded weapons. They purchase their own uniforms and drive their own cars. They pay for a "training course" of some sort. They award themselves military ranks like "Colonel" and "Captain".


They ordered me to sit in a chair in my library. I tried to phone my attorney. The same short man said "You touch that phone and I'll slap these handcuffs on you."  His face was inches from mine when he said this.


I was not allowed even one phone call.


 My neighbors across the street tried to come see what they were doing. Captain Becker is Coast Guard, retired, and in fact served his country in law enforcement; he and his wife both hold top secret U.S. Government security clearances. The SPCA types rudely rebuffed him and turned him out of my driveway.


There were therefore no witnesses at all to what they did for the next five and one-half hours.


The SPCA threatened, "You move one inch from that chair and you're going to jail." At this point   began to throw up. (This continued, with dry retching for the rest of Saturday, all Saturday night, all day Sunday, and by Sunday evening I was almost passing out from dehydration; a woman friend drove me to the hospital where I remained for several hours receiving re-hydration on IV, and put on strong anti  nausea medications. I subsequently returned to my physician two days later due to nightmares, and returned a third time because I could not breathe and my heart now races uncontrollably at times. I am still under a doctor's care for traumatic stress).  A couple of weeks ago I lost consciousness in my back yard; it was not dizziness, but a "spacing out" where I saw black and beige in rapid succession and when I put my head down, I went out altogether and woke up on the ground.


The SPCA, all seven of them, rampaged everywhere through my house, going into private drawers, snooping through my checkbook, my wallet (these were out as I had been paying bills), all through my rooms, photographing my furniture, rugs, silver, paintings.  I was made to sit where they told me and not move. They photographed hundreds of times and used a professional video camera (not a cell phone) the entire time they were at my house and that of my parents. .


They put numbers on the crates of the dogs and photographed them. They would not allow me to let my dogs go out even though I had fed them at seven a.m. and their schedule was seriously interfered with. They would not let me refill their water bowls, which I do in the morning routinely. They then ordered me to go outside and show them the therapy dogs (a separate unit, with its own generator, heating and cooling, reverse osmosis water system in a specially equipped converted garage, elsewhere on the property).


Again they numbered the dogs, took photographs, ordered me back into the house, and continued their agenda. None of the dogs was allowed fresh water or to go out, although I told them repeatedly that they were used to a schedule and it was being completely interfered with.


They announced "This dog has mange" and "That dog is lame", "This dog has probably got Cushing's" and rendered other "medical" opinions (none of them true; the top veterinary hospital in this area, VSEC, is treating one dog for a hormonal imbalance, something Shar pei dogs are prone to that can affect their skin). All the dogs are in excellent health and up to date on shots. They are so stated by a highly respected veterinarian, Dr. Craig Goldblatt, VMD (Graduate of University of Pennsylvania Vet School) who examined them and gave them their rabies vaccinations a few weeks ago. with the assistance of Judy Crawford, RN, BSN, MAS, MSN, who is a Board Member of three 501(c)3 nonprofit animal welfare groups, and holds masters degrees in Nursing and Administration and is a Registered Nurse. Both Dr. Goldblatt and Judy Crawford found all premises clean, the pets well cared for, with ample food, water, and excellent living conditions. 


The SPCA now has a photographic record of everything that might interest a professional burglar in the future. I have been warned by several people that I should be on special alert because I may very likely get "hit" (burglarized) in a few months' time. One of the Moorestown Police force later told me to install video systems (the type used by hunters for game, outside, and another kind indoors); this is beyond me financially at this point. The fact one of these SPCA volunteers has already stolen from my house makes me extremely uneasy.


After more than three hours (from 8 a.m. to 11:15 a.m) of holding me hostage in my own home while they pried into everything that belongs to me, they ordered me into a locked police car and drove me to my parents' house, where they repeated the process almost exactly for an additional two and a  half hours (11:20 a.m. to 1:15 p. m.)


My neighbors later told me later that these SPCA volunteers had been running up and down my parents' driveway, one yelling among other things, "There's a pen in the back! Cover the pen!" and another one yelling back "Ten-four!"  The little middle aged man in combat boots was the most active.


There is not a shred of substance to any of their accusations (My pets are beautifully cared for, have the best food available (organic) and reverse osmosis filtered water (three new systems just put in for $3500 replacing the systems that have been in place for the past fifteen years). My place is immaculately kept.



To safeguard the care and wellbeing of my beloved pets, since May 19, 1999 I have had in place a CANINE TRUST with Banner Life; a  20 Year Term Insurance policy (renewable) that will pay $100,000 cash to my designated appointee in event of my death. This policy remains in place. My will provides for money in addition to this from sale of my other assets for the care of my pets in event of my demise. The designated person has a back-up designee. Both people are highly experienced people in the care of animals. All this is spelled out in my WILL, which was prepared by Joanna Burris, Esq.



The two women who help me and I take excellent care of my pets. I have been closely involved with care of dogs and horses since my teens (at age 19 I was in charge of the many Italian Greyhounds and some of the horses of the man who trained most of Great Britain's Olympic Team; I have managed large stables (horses) and kennels (dogs). I have written books about horse care (one of my books is endorsed by the US Olympic 3-Day Team; another had "amendments" made to it without my knowledge by an editor). I have been involved for 22 years in pro bono work training dogs for special needs kids (and adults) and Alzheimer’s patients, among other many other things.


It is ludicrous for a woman who does not even own a dog (miss Mangeri) and who stole from me and has been reported for theft from my home to the Moorestown Police, (she was fired with cause from her last job with a shelter), to dictate to me how to care for my pets.


The veterinarian, Dr Craig Goldblatt, VMD, (a highly respected veterinarian, graduate from one of the country's preeminent schools of veterinary medicine, the University of Pennsylvania) who gave all the dogs rabies vaccinations a few weeks ago, is on record with my attorney and the court as stating my pet are in great shape and very well fed and cared for. (See legal statement)


The man who delivers dog food is on record with my attorney and with the court that I get only the best organic and mostly grain-free food for the dogs. (See legal statement)


My next door neighbors are on record saying "There has never been nor is there now any problem with Mrs. Decker's pets. Not ever, and not in any way whatsoever." (see letter)


An attorney who has gone against these very SPCA volunteers a number of times in court told me "They will be back. They will hit you again and again until they get a conviction. They want to justify the five and a half hours they raided you. And of course it's all about money." His name is Brian Heyesy and he works for a law firm called Marshall in New Jersey.


My present criminal attorney is Justin Loughry in Camden, NJ.


On or about December 29, 2012


My two assistants and I were finishing up morning chores at my parents' house, when some of the SPCA thugs pulled up and got out of their cars. They demanded veterinary records on several dogs and threatened "consequences" if these were no in their hands within five days: 


"We can come back any time. As soon as we get another anonymous complaint we'll be back. And we'll take your pets and euthanize most of them."  (two of these people said this to me, separately).  (The SPCA types were not accompanied by real police, although I am told they are required to be by law).


On or about January 4 or 5


Two SPCA cars pulled up in front of my house, accompanied by a police car.


They demanded to get into my house. I said I had to go in and phone my attorney first. They smirked and handed me a stack of summonses almost an inch thick. Each summons demands payment of $1,000 per summons, for a total of $68,000.00.


"We've got you! We've got you on video and we've got you on photographs," Miss Mosco said. (The only way they could show wrong doing is to tamper with the photographs.


The summonses all allege both criminal and civil culpability for "cruelty to animals, failure to provide sustenance, water or shelter." There is no way that more ludicrous accusations could have been invented. If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone at the whim of these monstrous people.


I went into my house and called my attorney, Justin Loughry. By the time I went out, the SPCA volunteers had driven away.


I have asked my attorney to get a restraining order until he mounts a defense. I live in fear of their next assault. The threat, fueled by the venom of the thief I believe, is ongoing. He says there is no way to do this as I am under "criminal investigation".


I was told by Isabelle Strauss, an old hand attorney in Tom's River NJ, who has gone against the SPCA over several years, "The SPCA is out for blood." She also told me, "The system is broken. The situation is far worse than you even think. The SPCA are very dangerous and they have no oversight."


On or about February 10


 The Health Department showed up at my house, unannounced (a Mr. Kurt Hendricks and h is associate). Two men said politely that they were sorry to intrude, that they already know a good deal about the harassment I have been undergoing at the hands of the SPCA, that they were required to ask to see my premises, noted that the place is immaculate everywhere, and when I asked them their opinion, said "the SPCA is out of control" and not to ever let them in.


Since December 22, I have been unable to work, eat, write books (my employment and income), or sleep. I have ongoing nightmares. I lost 15 lbs in 11 days and continue to lose weight (can't eat without taking anti nausea pills).


I have no safe haven, not even on my own property or even inside my own home. The unrelenting stress of this, with the specific promise by these people to "return as soon as we get another anonymous complaint against you and take all your animals and euthanize most of them" has all but destroyed my health. It has ruined my life. I am under constant threat of attack and harm from these SPCA volunteers.


I am told that there is no end to this:  the SPCA can come back the minute the court case is over. They have told me repeatedly (at least three times) that they can legally do this and that they intend to do it. "As soon as we get one more anonymous complaint against you, we will be back. Then we'll take all your pets and euthanize most of them." 


I look and feel years older and exhausted by the ongoing, unrelenting stress. I have no place I can be safe, not even my own home. The SPCA can, and they have repeatedly said they will, come back and repeat their attacks. With the threat of forcibly taking away my cherished pets and killing them.


These people are dangerously out of control and clearly are greatly excited by their cop wannabe raids.


There never has been the slightest legitimate justification for this harassment. Yet the SPCA can actually return any time and take my cherished pets (one of whom is a healthy 17 years old, which doesn't happen without the best of care, incidentally) and kill them. They have threatened to do this more than once.


 If the SPCA can do this to me, they can do it to anyone.


The SPCA is now throwing spaghetti against the wall to try to make something, anything, stick. They tried vet records, then food, then water, then shelter. There seems to be no end to it and they mean to cause me harm any way they can. In past week they have called people for whom I have trained dogs, pretended to be potential clients, and tried to get someone to tell them I am training in my house, which I do not do (it is deemed against the law by this township unless you have a "Kennel License" which requires five acres, which I don't have. When asked for their names or phone numbers, these callers hang up the phone.


New Jersey judges readily hand out search warrants to SPCA, in some cases on what could be, as in my case, flimsy or nonexistent evidence, so I am very uneasy about the outcome of my trial in about a month's time.


This seems to me Fascism in America. I am sick at heart about it.


I am terrified that they will come back as they have threatened repeatedly to do, and take my pets and kill them.


This is how they keep people from speaking up against them. Everyone is afraid they will be the next target.


Friends who moved to America from Germany said "In America you don't have to fear a knock in the middle of the night on your door."  In New Jersey that is exactly what you do have to fear. There is no ending point -- the SPCA can come back again and again with new trumped up allegations, no matter how ludicrous, and terrorize you in full knowledge that the Law allows it and that no one has oversight to stop them.


The Gestapo is alive and well and living in New Jersey.


The Law MUST BE CHANGED. No innocent person should have to be traumatized and terrorized by thugs like these, without anywhere to turn and no way to stop them.

Our local police told me (when Capt. Becker, formerly in law enforcement for the US Coast Guard drove me there after the SPCA raids) "We can't do anything about the SPCA. No one controls them. If you have a problem with them, you have to go to the SPCA and tell them. No one can do anything about them."


I am being bankrupted by the cost for defense lawyer, lost work time (I cannot concentrate on writing books, my income), and I am suffering true pain and suffering. The abuse is open ended. There is no point at which a targeted person is ever safe again, once these unscrupulous thugs have you in their sites.


How can this be allowed to happen with impunity in this country? THIS LAW MUST BE CHANGED.





* * * * *




THE SPCA targets people with visible assets like houses or farms.


They target single women and elderly people who cannot fight back easily.


The SPCA is a 501(c)3 non profit organization and tax exempt. They are operating a scam beneath the radar. Their outstanding public relations company fools the public; the politicians who should investigate them turn a blind eye because they  don't want to deal with such a seemingly beneficial, warm and fuzzy organization and upset their voters. The lawmakers obviously know the truth from the 267 page report by CSI Report published in 2002. They ignored it then; they ignored it ever since.


The SPCA has found a neat method of using intimidation, threats, harassment and the fact that they have virtually NO oversight by any responsible body to extort money from innocent and decent people. The government does absolutely nothing to help victims of the SPCA.


In my case they threatened not only me but my tenant, who tried to speak on my behalf on the front porch when they raided me. She was so horrified by the SPCA and their assault on me that she left within a week without completing her lease. I lost, over the year since this happened, the income from this, which has devastated me financially $30,000 per year).


In addition I have outstanding legal expenses for my criminal attorney, whose fee is $500 per hour.


I have had to sell my air conditioner and other personal items to remain functioning.  I have had to take out a loan I cannot afford, with no clear idea how I will keep going.


The emotional toll is even worse. I have been hospitalized and required other medical care for nightmares, inability to breathe, and inability to work. I almost never went to doctors in my entire life until this.


There is the never ending threat, intended by the SPCA, who have repeatedly made the threat verbally to me (Apgar and Mosca) that they not only can, but INTEND TO come take all my pets and kill most of them, on the basis of "the next anonymous complaint we get against you." My life has been completely ended for me because of this unbearable situation. The moment the case ends in court, they are legally allowed to do this.


Gov Christie and several other politicians contacted by me and by other people turned their backs. They refer me to the local Municipal Prosecutor.


They attach enormous fines and make multiple accusations, no matter how ridiculous. In my case 66 counts of cruelty for failure to provide food, water or shelter to  my pets.


The SPCA brings two sets of charges: Criminal, and also Civil. They know that the Criminal charges will take a long time to resolve and the victim cannot bring counter charges without losing certain rights.


If the victim loses the Criminal case, she must pay the SPCA the amount of the summonses. If the victim loses, she must otherwise Appeal the case; this costs tens of thousands of dollars. The SPCA usually gets bought off at this point, according to Brian Heyesy, an attorney at Marshall Law Firm, who frequently represents victims against this very group, the Burlington NJ SPCA. He says they usually "settle" for $15,000 and the SPCA calls it a "donation".


Even if a person "wins" the Criminal case, (despite the fact they were blameless in the first place) the SPCA next prosecutes the person in a Civil case.




The SPCA accuses on non existent or flimsy "evidence". If their initial accusation is clearly refuted by a credible witness, they simply return, again and again, with a different accusation. This can be verified by the lists of their targets and the results of their law suits against the citizens they target. Either on line or from the courts.


They accused me of  not giving my pets medical care (nearly $20,000 over the recent years, much of it with the leading medical  hospital in the area, plus direct signed affidavit refuting their charges by one of University of Pennsylvania's great veterinarians, Dr. Craig Goldblatt VMD) came first.


They then demanded vet records for various pets. When I provided these, (all stating I take excellent care of my pets), they actually went themselves to the veterinary hospital and sufficiently frightened the head of it that he issued a dictum to staff that they were not to put anything in writing on my behalf (I previously was given a strongly worded letter by one of their leading vets who also is a professor at University of Pennsylvania, one of the top schools in the country STATING I TAKE EXCELLENT CARE OF MY PETS AND ALWAYS WANT THE BEST FOR THEM; see letter from him).


When vet care didn't work as an accusation, the SPCA accused me of not giving my pets food. This was refuted by the man who delivers the $60 bags of top of the line dog food.


So they moved on to water. At 8 a.m. when they raided me, four or five of the bowls in the dogs' crates in my kitchen were not full of water (the water was in the dogs).


Most people do not even keep water bowls in crates because many dogs spill them. In any case, water gets changed frequently, beginning at 8 a.m. routinely at my house. The SPCA prevented me from giving my pets fresh water the morning they raided;  they prevented me from moving from a chair in my library with treats of arrest and handcuffs. For the next five and one half hours they videotaped everything I own and prevented me from either letting the dogs out (whom I had fed between 5 and 7 a.m., and needed to go out badly) or give them fresh water. This "proved" I am purposely denying my pets water, they say.


No one seems to notice that one of these monstrous people was in my house two months earlier than the raid on December 22, 2012. Although she stole my valuable and cherished watch, I am not allowed to say so publicly, I was told by the police, because I did not SEE her take it, nor did she VOLUNTEER the information that she is a thief. Since no one was in the house but me, it is absolutely certain she stole my watch. The theft I reported to Officer Maas, and a friend, Lew Zagnit was present. It is on police record, but they do not intend to do anything further, the police told me.


The SPCA has therefore a vendetta that both I, and my attorney Justin Loughry, think is fueling their fury. The woman's name is Mangieri. Like most of them, she is a volunteer, not a paid employee. She was fired WITH CAUSE from her last job at a dog pound, I was told by someone who works at the Burlington County dog pound.


Why am I, the harmed person, not allowed to tell the truth? and why is no one addressing the fact I was robbed? And am consequently being gunned for by the perpetrator and her cohorts?


From the date of the SPCA's raid until they finally handed me 66 summonses for a demand of $66,000, payable to them, for both Criminal and Civil cases, a total of 71 days passed. In those days the SPCA threw spaghetti against the wall trying to make first one thing, then another, stick (vet records, food, walks, housing etc.) As each accusation was refuted, the



SPCA came back with another new accusation.


My attorney filed an Affidavit to Suppress because he said their "evidence" was "stale" i.e. too long after the date it supposedly happened to be used as evidence.





1. The charges are totally absurd. Dogs drink, you refill the dish. No bowls are even required in crates in the first place. (NB: Veterinarians often instruct owners to withhold water completely for 12 to 24 hours prior to surgery in any case.) It is ridiculous to say an owner is cruel to animals because a dog's water bowl is empty or nearly so at 8 a.m.


2. These people have completely ruined all quality of my life. No one is addressing this. I cannot live with this extreme stress from an axe hanging over my head.  I am completely worn down, cannot eat, sleep, work properly. Even my volunteer work with autistic kids and my pets, done for the past more than two decades, had suffered.


3.  My Constitutional Rights and my Civil Rights have been trampled into the ground. My right to privacy has been obliterated. The whole town saw them raid my house and my parents' house. It is very uncomfortable to be whispered about behind your back in a small town.


4.  I have had to appear four times in court for Pre Trial Conferences. I will have to attend more of these I have been told by my attorney. The Motion to Suppress will be next. The original Prosecutor to whom my attorney has been communicating has quit, and a new person will begin in that job.  This seems endless and pointless. I do not know when the actual case will happen. I am very frightened that the judges, who readily give out authorization for the SPCA to raid people's private homes and continue their harassment as they have done and continue to do to me, will rule against me.




 SINCE I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG YET AM BEING ENDLESSLY HARASSED, THREATENED, INTIMIDATED AND MADE FINANCIALLY BANKRUPT, WHAT JUSTICE CAN I EXPECT FROM THE LOCAL COURTS?  The reporter on the Newark Star Ledger, Paul Mulshine, noted in one of his reports about the SPCA that the head of this very SPCA, the Burlington County SPCA, has been for the past 20 years on cozy terms with the head of it, who was part of the 7 person SPCA volunteer group in my house during the entire time they invaded my home and that of my parents.


My sense of desperation is very great. Who can prevent a stress level so high that it may well cause serious medical problems like cancer or stroke in future -- unending stress causes high blood pressure and shatters the immune system.











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